Finding a JOB for YOU

In this website, HAPAH will try and provide you with the most up-to-date information about finding a job, certifications, training, education, etc.  

(Dedication, with a little possible frustration, along with some patience should hopefully pay off to help you towards your goal of getting a meaningful job for your future.)

The key to looking for jobs is try and stay with smaller and local businesses.  The larger corporations will only run a background check, and not get to know who you are.  Smaller companies (the "mom & pop" shops) you can talk to about your situation and are usually understanding.  Remember, we are fortunate to be in DC that banned the box, meaning employers cannot ask you about a criminal history.  It can only be brought up if they are possibly going to hire you. (DC is also good at hiring ex-felons)

This link is dated, but a good place to look for felon-friendly jobs.

GOODWILL can also assist with training and career advice.

Hospitality, if you are interested, and can be an area for you to grow.  Restaurants are good, Hotels especially chains will do a background check.  Marriott is not friendly, but Hilton is.

(A liquor license in DC requires a background check that goes back 5 years).  


Retail, depending on the store, will run a credit check and possibly more.  (GAP Inc. (Banana Republic, Old Navy, and GAP) are not ex-felon friendly, but you could be an sales associate with a credit check)





Business Meeting


Columbia University offers a program called Justice Through Code (JTC), which offers career-track opportunities in the technology industry.  (Online options are available)

Georgetown University's Pivot Program, in partnership with DC Department of Employment Services (DOES), "is a one-year transition and re-entry program centered on a blend of academic work and supported employment."

Education is an option for even ex-felons, and Pell grants and federal loans are available (unless you were convicted of a drug felony on a campus then it will take more work).

For federal loans and grants, first you must fill out this FORM